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Over 40 Australian Pilots have built and flown the SeaRey Amphibian

This is what some of these Pilots have to say about their SeaRey experience!

“Building and flying my SeaRey is the 2nd best thing I have done in my life”!
Jack Peters. (Melbourne - Retired Qantas 737 Check & Training Capt) 

SeaRey has allowed me to reach “waterways” I only ever dreamed of”.
Brian Dehlsen. (Sydney - Injection Moulding Manufacturer - also building 2ndSeaRey) 

“I knew when I decided on a
SeaRey it was going to be fun but I had no idea it would turn out to be so incredible”

"I have spent more time with my father in the last 4 years building and flying my SeaRey than I have in the last 4 decades - the SeaRey journey has been incredibly rewarding".
Richard Holgate. (Canberra - Special Security Services)

“Building my
SeaRey was such an enjoyable and rewarding experience, I felt rather deflated when it was finished – I would joyfully build again” 
Pete Stuart-Smith (Canberra - Geologist – Circumnavigated Australia in SeaRey with wife Trish 2008) 

“I though owning a
SeaRey would be a dream come true but it has far exceeded my wildest expectations”!

“In 1999 when I decided on a
SeaRey I knew I had signed up for a heap of fun. What I didn't anticipate and what I value enormously is the wonderful special friendships I have made. I consider my fellow SeaRey owners as a very special extended family. I am now building my second SeaRey”. 
Ted Munckton (Owner "Ocean Lake Caravan Park" Narooma/Bermagui, NSW)

“I was the first customer to place an order with SeaRey Australia in 1997. I just love flying my
SeaRey and I simply couldn’t imagine life without it”. 
Drewe Bellmaine (Melbourne - Restaurateur)

“There is more to building and flying a
SeaRey which has enriched my life beyond words. Owning a SeaRey has changed my life forever”!

SeaRey is a freedom ticket …. Every lake, river, waterway offers endless runways with no landing fees”.

“I had no idea that building and flying my
SeaRey would be this much fun”!
Geoff Hayes. (Melbourne - Engineering Management Services)

If these comments have impressed you and you really want to be blown away, tighten your seat belt and take this quick trip into the amazing world of the SeaRey.


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