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How fast will the SeaRey fly?
Top speed is 100 knots. But this little aircraft is designed for you to enjoy the trip, not hurry to the destination. Cruise is around 80 knots and is ideal for taking in the scenery and enjoying watching the world go by. Stall speed is about 41 knots clean and 34 knots in the landing configuration.  

How long does it take to build?
The factory team's experience says 400 hours is a reasonable build time. We have found that a new builder might require 600 hours. The complexity of your instrument and electrical installation and other custom finishes will largely determine the total time. If you were to build “Full Time” it would take around 3 ½ months. Part time (weekends & evenings) usually can have your SeaRey completed in around 12 months. 

How much fuel does it use? What is the fuel capacity?
Cruise endurance fuel flow is about 16 litres p/h. Premium unleaded fuel is the recommended fuel for use in the Rotax engine. With the standard 68 litre tank, you'll have around 3 hours of flight time with reserves. The 88 litre Long Range Tank extends your range to well over 5 hours. 

How do I order a Kit and where is the kit manufactured?
You place your order for a kit with SeaRey Australia. There are over 3,000 individual parts and several options to consider when ordering a kit. Therefore and as you can imagine, the order process is quite detailed and involves making several important decisions. At SeaRey Australia we will guide you through this important process so you end up with exactly the options and components that you want to build your dream machine.  The kit is distributed from the factory in Orlando, USA and all kits and parts are manufactured and shipped direct to Australia from Orlando.  

What is the Wing covering and finishes?
Covering is a lifetime poly-fiber material finish by the Stitts Poly-Fiber System. All materials are provided in the kit, including the Silver coat of Poly-Spray UV protection. It even includes the covering manual which contains the step-by-step instructions with helpful photographs. There's no fiberglass work to do. The hull, turtle deck, and front deck are all pre-finished fiberglass with a slick gel coat finish. You don't even have to paint these parts if white is your basic paint scheme. If however you choose a carbon fiber hull or deck, this will require painting. 

Can I order partial kits such as wing, fuselage or hardware components separately?
Partial kits are not available. The additional freight and customs clearance charges etc make it un-economical. Partial kits require multiple warehousing, cost control and inventory problems. Besides, with your complete kit of parts, you will always have all the correct parts you need in order to work at your own speed.   

Can the wings be folded on the SeaRey?
The wings do not fold however, with the assistance of two people, the wings can be removed in less than 30 minutes. 

What does it cost to complete a SeaRey?
Finished costs can vary significantly depending upon the quality of finish required by the builder and the extent of the instruments, avionics and the choice of other options available. Builders take great pride in how they customize and finish their SeaReys. However, a typically standard completed SeaRey starts around A$75,000 and ranges up toward A$95,000. With the SeaRey Kit being manufactured in the USA, probably the biggest influence on the cost of a SeaRey is the A/US$ exchange rate.   Building a SeaRey is made even more affordable by only requiring an initial outlay of around A$45,000 in the first year or so to complete the airframe. The balance of the budget is required near the end of the building program when it comes time to add the engine, electrical and instruments etc. 

How do I pay for a SeaRey?
A A$10,000 deposit is your initial investment at time of order. Upon receipt of this deposit, the factory in Orlando allocates a position on the production line and the commencement of filling your order begins. The balance of payment is due when the kit is ready for shipment from the factory. 

Is there builder assistance available?
Yes, SeaRey Australia will be there to provide assistance to help you complete your plane. There is an extensive support structure available. If required, the kit manufacturer will assist and there is extensive support available through an internet support site and also other local Australian owners who have completed their aircraft. 

Where does the landing gear go when you land on the water? 
All three landing gear wheels retract. The main gear rises straight up and stows just under the two wing struts. The tail wheel retracts forward and stows up under the aft boom tube. Gear operation can be manual, hydraulic or electric.

Can you open the canopy during flight?
Both canopies can be opened during flight at any speed or altitude. It has been said that the SeaRey is like the “Harley Davidson” of the sky. 

What kind of engine does the kit manufacturer recommend?
The Rotax 912, 912S or the turbo-charged 914 are the recommended engines for the SeaRey. These engines have proven themselves to be highly reliable, with an enviable safety record. 

What is the Takeoff roll?
The typical takeoff distance for the SeaRey is around 350’ ft or around 125 meters. Seaplanes usually use time as a measure for water takeoff since distance markers are not available. A typical SeaRey water takeoff will be about six seconds. In most cases the land and water takeoff runs are the same distance. 

How much does the SeaRey weigh and how much can it carry in useful load?
The typical empty weight of a completed SeaRey is around 380 to 400 kgs. The all up approved weight or MTOW of a VH registered SeaRey is 620 kgs. This provides a payload carrying capacity of around 220 to 240 kgs. In other words, two average weight people with full fuel and baggage of 20 kgs, is easily accommodated by the SeaRey. An optional light weight Carbon Fibre hull is available which reduces the empty weight by a further 20 to 25 kgs approx. 

What are the general rules for landing on the water?
The general answer is that wherever a power boat can operate, then you can operate a Seaplane. You will require a standard boat license to operate on the water as a Seaplane is deemed to be a navigable vessel.  

How much baggage can I carry?
There is a substantial baggage compartment deck located behind the two seats. There is ample space for overnight bags, camping equipment etc. There is also additional room in the nose compartment. Baggage compartment loads of around 35 kgs are typical. 

How does the SeaRey exit the water to the shoreline after a water touchdown/alighting?
A SeaRey taxying out of the water is always a crowd stopper. At idle speed, the undercarriage is lowered whilst still in the water. As you approach the beach or ramp, hold the stick back and add power to drive out of the water. Be careful not to blast sand into the spectator’s eyes or their lunch. 

How much room do I need to build the SeaRey?
Ideally a standard two car garage is more than adequate. However, with a bit of juggling, it is possible to build a SeaRey in a single-car garage. 

Are there any 'pre-owned' aircraft available for sale?
Yes. Occasionally a SeaRey does come on to the market for sale, but this is rather rare. Most SeaRey owners enjoy and love their SeaReys so much and are having so much fun that they are reluctant to part with them. Consequently the SeaRey retains an excellent Resale value.