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About SeaRey Australia

SeaRey Australia (based in Sydney) is the Distributor for the SeaRey Amphibian in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia.

Rob Loneragan, principle of the company, imported the first Australian SeaRey in 1996. Since then over 40 SeaReys have been delivered. 

Rob provides support during the construction phase and then when it comes time to fly your SeaRey is there to assist with familiarisation and endorsement training.

Here is how the story began.  

In 1995, Rob Loneragan flew to Orlando in Florida USA, the home of the SeaRey Amphibian, to see first hand, this amazing aircraft. Little did he know that this was to be the beginning of an amazing adventure and an experience that exceeded his wildest dreams.

had spent almost a year researching what was required for the SeaRey to be approved as an amateur built aircraft in Australia. Having completed enquiries with CASA and aeronautical engineers etc and as Rob was not prepared to buy an aircraft that he hadn’t actually seen or flown, there was nothing left for him to do, but go to America and do just that.

Rob was met at Orlando International Airport by
Kerry Richter (President of Progressive Aerodyne Inc and co designer of the SeaRey). After a warm welcome and hearty breakfast, the plan was to take Rob to a small local airfield for some flying, but not before Kerry called by the factory.

As Rob waited in the factory he had a few minutes to look around at some SeaReys that were in varying stages of assembly. He was amazed at what he saw and found it difficult to contain his mounting excitement.

After arriving at "Gator Field" where the demo SeaRey was waiting to deliver the final assault on Rob's senses, Kerry completed his pre-flight checks, which was heavily punctuated by a barage of questions from Rob. Finally, after boarding the aircraft and a typically short ground roll, they were climbing briskly skyward.

Kerry guessed correctly when he said to Rob, “I suppose you would like to see how the SeaRey performs on the water”. Very soon they were circling overhead a pretty little lake and Kerry made his preparations for their first water alighting.

With power reduced, flap selected and wheels “double checked
UP  for a water landing”, they descended into wind for the approach. Due to the aft mounted pusher engine, Rob was staggered by the amazing forward visibility. Moments later, after a copy book flare, the hull kissed the rippled water surface as Kerry ever so gently settled the SeaRey onto the lake.

With the power reduced for step taxiing, the SeaRey skimmed effortlessly across the surface for a few hundred meters and then after applying the power to take-off setting, after what seemed only a few seconds, they were climbing out at 750ft per minute for another circuit. Rob was in awe of what the SeaRey was capable of and knew from that moment that he must have one of these extraordinary little aeroplanes.

Now 15 years later, Rob says that unquestionably, the SeaRey is more fun to fly than any other aircraft he has flown in over 40 years of aviation. The remarkable performance, innovative design and use of strong, corrosion resistant components, makes this little amphibian stand out for some serious consideration.

If you are contemplating building your dream (kit) aircraft.
The SeaRey is an extraordinary land aircraft and an amazing water bird. The performance and load carrying capability, the versatility to land on beautiful remote lakes and water ways, together with running costs under $30.00 per hour, make this one of the most exciting recreational aircraft available today.

The Australian "SeaRey Family" organise "splash-ins" and "fly-aways" which are a highlight of fun and flying activity.

If your desire is to build and fly your own aircraft, our commitment is to help you achieve that goal.
Our mission at SeaRey Australia is “to exceed your expectations in supporting you, to make your dream come true”.