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The SeaRey Amphibian  is unquestionably one of the most exciting and successful light kit aircraft available in the world today! Now the new SeaReyLSX has taken engineering and performance of the famous SeaRey to a whole new level.

It is a Dream to fly, Exceptional on the Land and it's performance on and off the Water is Extraordinary. It's capabilities and flying characteristics are truly mind-blowing and is seriously "The Ultimate Fun in Flying"!

Simply put - for performance and value, there is no other comparable aircraft in it's class in the world which is why it is so successful in the USA and here in Australia. This stunning Amphibian is easy to build, inexpensive to own and operate and is a total joy that will delight you non stop.

The first SeaRey flew in 1993 and now there are around 500 flying around the world. They are manufacturered by Progressive Aerodyne Inc and the factory is located in Orlando, Florida USA. Since 1993 there have been a range of upgrades and improvements to the aircraft with the SeaReyLSX model being the very latest version of it's type.

Because of the SeaRey's outstanding flying characteristics (especially on the water) it has been chosen by a broard spectrum of pilots with backgrounds ranging from ATPL's to Private and Recreational Pilots around the globe.

The Australian fleet continues to grow with over 40 Pilots having chosen to build and fly the SeaRey.

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 SeaRey  experience.

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